Argentine tango - Duo, Trio, Quartet
Singer Mirre Valkenburg is the ultimate ambassador of the Argentine music that stands for passion and sensuality: the Tango! Mirreā€™s tango creates a warm, dynamic and distinctive atmosphere and adds a very special touch to your reception or event. Mirre takes you on an impressive journey through the country of the bandoneon. Are you interested in a party accompanied with sounds from Argentina? Then is Mirre available in different settings:


Mirre Valkenburg Duo (Voice + guitar)   Request booking

Mirre Valkenburg Trio (vocals + guitar + violin/ bandoneon)   Request booking

Mirre Valkenburg Quartet (Voice + guitar + violin + bandoneon)   Request booking

Mirre Valkenburg Quintet (vocals + piano + double bass + violin + guitar + bandoneon)   Request booking

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