Italian Jazz, Film music, Classical, Folk, Italian Pop - Solo, Duo, Trio, Quartet
A romantic and elegant atmosphere for your party? Italian guitarist Filippo Castellazzi plays the perfect music for your reception and intimate social gatherings. But this multi functional guitarist also provides danceable musical entertainment. Filippo presents a very colourful musical repertoire with influences swinging from classical music (Bach and Giuliani for instance), traditional Italian folk songs, Italian film music to pop music like. This in combination with his passion for Jazz makes his music a very special fusion of Mediterranean sounds. We also proudly announce that you can book Filippo with 'upcoming star' Levi Silvanie as well. Choose your Filippo Castellazzi band. You can already listen to the preview sample but soon we have more beautiful Italian music samples.


Filippo Castellazzi Solo (guitar)   Request booking

Filippo Castellazzi Duo 1 (guitar + keyboard)   Request booking

Filippo Castellazzi Acoustic Duo 1 (guitars + vocals): own compositions with Brazilian and pop influences.   Request booking

Filippo Castellazzi Acoustic Duo 2 (Guitar + mandolin/accordeon/guitar/ saxophone) (songs from Naples, pop and film music)   Request booking

Filippo Castellazzi Trio (guitar/keyboard/vocals): great band for (dance) parties!   Request booking

Filippo Castellazzi Quartet (guitar/keyboard/vocals/drums): great band for (dance) parties!   Request booking

Music sample